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When I started this blog back in 2012 I wanted to share the ups and downs of wedding planning. I had good intentions.  Even posted regularly.

Then there was the wedding date change, thanks to the Daytona 500.  (Oh the joy of planning a destination wedding in Saint Augustine, Florida). Then, my fiancé (now husband’s) mother became ill with cancer. Odd enough, the same type of cancer my father had.  With chemo and her surgery, we changed the date again to October 25, 2014.

All was good for a while . . . Until my father’s cancer returned with a vengeance.

I began to wonder if somehow the powers of the universe had it out for our family.  It was always something, never ending.

Our wedding was bittersweet. As we made the second date change for his mother, my father had to stay home because he was not well enough to travel.

Little did I know as I walked down the aisle to marry my best friend, my father had less than a month to live.

My father passed away November 17, 2014 with my mother by his side.  Being an only child I think a part of me died as well. Now, I focus on doing what I can for my mother as she finds her way, in the after.

As she heals, I’m healing too. For a while now I’ve been feeling the pangs of wanting to write again.

Being in my early (way early) 40’s, I’m experiencing all sorts of life changes.

Skin. Hair. Thyroid dysfunction.



So as I breathe life back in this little blog of mine, I hope you find something that you can relate to and use.

Enjoy and stay fabulous!


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